Why Buy Reclaimed Wood Furniture? I’ll Tell You.

If you’re shopping for new furniture pieces, regardless of where those pieces are going to end up, it’s well worth exploring the options available with reclaimed wooden furniture. The benefits of this type of furniture are numerous. And at the same time, you’re not sacrificing anything you’re undoubtedly looking for in a piece of furniture.

Reclaimed Wooden Furniture Benefits

The benefits of reclaimed wooden furniture are quite frankly stunning. The more you consider these benefits taken as a whole, the more likely you are to realize that reclaimed wooden furniture is almost assuredly your best option:

• One of the biggest misconceptions with reclaimed wood furniture is the idea that these types of furniture piece can only work in rustic home settings. It’s true that they can, and you’ll find a number of pieces to that end. However, it’s also true that you can find tons of furniture options that can add history and aesthetic appeal to rooms that might be considered more contemporary.
• Reclaimed wood furniture is a wonderful green alternative to other types of furniture. With reclaimed pieces, you’re not destroying new trees. You’re also not contributing to the tree farms that generally work with trees that offer nothing to the surrounding ecosystem. Reclaimed wood furniture comes from structures that are no longer capable of functioning. The wood is already there.
• Reclaimed wooden furniture is far more affordable than you might think.
• Reclaimed wood furniture is also generally very easy to care for.
• A piece of furniture that comes from repurposed materials is generally very easy to finish.
• Reclaimed wood furniture is remarkably versatile. Whether you want to decorate your country home, or if you are looking for something that can complement a room in a chic, sophisticated apartment, you can find what you’re looking for.
• Buying reclaimed wood furniture is often something that involves finding a small business, and it’s never a bad thing to give patronage to a small company that is capable of providing you with the good or service that you’re looking for.
• As you’re going to discover very quickly in your search for reclaimed wood furniture, you’re going to find a ton of companies that are capable of matching what you want in your furniture piece or pieces to the letter.

And keep in mind that you can find hardwoods as easily as you can find softwoods, or find reclaimed wooden furniture that incorporates metal into the creation. The possibilities are quite honestly almost endless.

Have a look at some Reclaimed Wood flooring featured recently in this English newspaper.

Looking For the Perfect Shelves? Consider Reclaimed Wood Shelves!

Reclaimed wood shelves are an excellent option for anyone that is looking for the perfect shelving medium. Most people do not realize exactly how many good options there are available for reclaimed wood shelves. You do not have to have any special talent or skill to create some stunning shelving arrangements with the reclaimed wood shelves options.

These shelves can be used in both traditional manner and in creative ways to add to your storage space or display areas. Most people do not really think about the shelving medium they use when they are putting up shelves but there is a difference between utilizing reclaimed wood for shelving and utilizing cheap press board versions.

You can use them for any thing you would use traditional shelves for except they are far more stylish. Why not take advantage of a great opportunity to not only have much nicer shelves but to also do some good for the environment.

Scraps and Stuff

Reclaimed wood shelves unlike reclaimed wood furniture can come from any scraps that are available that have been used on another project or in a building. Baumhaus Furniture has a nice supply of reclaimed wood shelves that might be ideal for your situation if you want reclaimed wood shelves but are not necessarily into the work aspect of making the shelves presentable and usable.

You can always go it alone and a make a project out of making shelves on your own if you choose all it takes are some wood scraps that are in good condition, some sand paper, stain of your choosing and brackets to hand the shelves.

It is up to you how you get the shelves that you want, you can buy them or you can go it alone as a DIY project. Keep in mind though if this is the first time you are doing a DIY project on your own you may want to read as much as you can about finishing wood and creating shelves.

If you do not have the time but still want the look than you are better off just purchasing reclaimed wood shelves from a dealer like Baumhaus Furniture. It is an easy solution.

Finding the perfect shelves for your needs is easy when you decide upon reclaimed wood shelves as your choice. They look awesome, they are strong and they last forever!

Reclaimed Wood Shelves- Just For the Beauty of It

If you are into home decorating than reclaimed wood shelves are likely not a new idea to you. Reclaimed wood shelves are very popular in modern homes whether they are deep in the woods or in an urban setting.

Reclaimed wood shelves just work great in any setting for any reason. They are ideal in the den, living room, kitchen,bedroom even the bathroom. They are being used as open shelving in the kitchen to hold plates and drinking glasses they are also ideal to hold trinkets and other valuables in the living room or dining area.

The reason they look great in any room is because they are real wood! Most shelves today are not. The beauty of the real wood is evident and it really adds a touch of class to any room. They are a great “rustic” addition unpainted and a great “modern” or “contemporary” addition when they are. There is no limit to their use and can be hung in the “floating” style or use brackets to keep them on the wall.

Of course you may be lucky enough to find these reclaimed wood shelves as part of a “unit” of shelves that can be placed in any room as well.

Why They are Great

Many people mistakenly believe that reclaimed wood shelves are shelves that are old and worn out and that will not fit in with their contemporary décor. Reclaimed wood shelves may be old and worn looking in some cases but in other cases they have been re-finished to look brand new.

Part of the charm of using reclaimed wood is that they do look old and worn. They have character and a look that you can not really get any other way. One of the best things about reclaimed wood for any project is that it rescues ole wood and gives it a new purpose.

Everything old is new again! Reclaimed wood is one of the most popular new building materials there is for everything from wood shelves to furniture to flooring and even walls. Using reclaimed wood is like using any other type of fresh wood except it is already weathered and is a lot more expensive to buy new!

Reclaimed wood shelves are a great way to do your part for the environment while getting something truly beautiful out of the deal! They are a great option for any room and any use.

Reclaimed Wood Shelves- Why Settle for Cheap?

Have you ever picked up a shelf and thought what a piece of junk? Reclaimed wood shelves never feel like that. The problem with shelving options today is that you rarely will find shelves that are made of wood. Somewhere a long the line of industry and home fashion people decided that it was okay to settle for less.

If you choose commercial mass produced shelving what you get is “veneer” if you are lucky or press board or some other shelving that is made to look like wood but it is not. The problem is beyond aesthetics. Cheep shelving looks like cheap shelving (no matter how much you pay for it) and it acts like cheap shelving. Reclaimed wood shelves look beautiful and they function as they should.

Why Waste Good Wood?

The bottom line is reclaimed wood shelves go beyond a look. They are highly functional, are built to last AND they “rescue” perfectly good condition usable wood from the scrap heap they also have the added benefit of being typically great hard to find wood.

Why would anyone waste perfectly good wood? Before the movement to reclaim wood was born, wood that was taken from old structures was typically discarded into a heap and than burned. It was a complete waste of material that was easily recyclable into shelves and furnishings.

The Benefits of Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood shelves have so many pluses that make them the perfect choice for shelving. They are weathered (which does not necessarily mean they come from outside) aged to perfection, tough as nails and a great option for anyone that wants to add a little bit of history to their home.

Of course there are the environmental pluses. Less waste, less factory input, less trees that have to die. The list goes on and on as to why reclaimed wood shelves are the better choice over other options. If you are looking for a sturdy option you will not find any more sturdier than beautiful reclaimed wood shelves.

In many cases the wood that is reclaimed is impossible to afford any other way because the trees that the wood came from are endangered and harder to find now then they were when the original structure was made. Reclaimed wood shelves are simply the all around better option! Why settle for less when you can have perfection?

Explaining Reclaimed Wood Furniture

When it comes to shopping for wood furniture, there are a few different possibilities you can explore. However, if you want the best in originality, versatility, and durability, reclaimed wood furniture is going to be the best way to go.

Amazingly, some people are not familiar with the particulars of reclaimed wood furniture. If this is the first you’ve ever heard of the concept, then it’s definitely worth your time to take a moment to find out more. The more you learn about reclaimed wooden furniture, the more likely it is that you’re going to appreciate how viable this possibility really is.

Reclaimed Wood Furniture Definition

As you begin to define reclaimed wood furniture, you’re going to begin to see its many benefits. Taken as a whole, these benefits should serve to illustrate to you just how much reclaimed wooden furniture pieces can bring to your home or any other space:

  • Reclaimed wooden furniture can be seen as a form of recycling. What has happened is that someone has taken the wood from an old, non-functional structure, cleaned it, dried it, and prepared it to be used to create breathtaking, singular furniture pieces.
  • With reclaimed wood furniture, it’s important to remember that you’re not dealing with an inferior quality in the materials. In most cases, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the wood that was used in the structures.
  • The materials available through the reclaimed wooden furniture option are considerable.
  • Reclaimed wooden furniture is extremely versatile. If there is a particular type of wood you’re looking or in your furniture pieces, you can probably find it through a reliable reclaimed wood furniture
  • Furniture made from repurposed materials often represents a singular, unique piece of furniture. The grooves, nicks, and various imperfections found in the wood will be found in your piece of furniture. It creates a warm, appealing aesthetic touch, and it gives your piece of furniture a look that cannot be found anywhere else.
  • Reclaimed wooden furniture is considerably more durable than any other type of furniture. That’s because the wood used to create the pieces have been manipulated to withstand severe levels of humidity for prolonged periods of time. By keeping a few simple care tips in mind, you can ensure your furniture pieces are going to last you for years and years to come.

All of this should give you a basic overview of reclaimed wooden furniture. The benefits associated with these types of furniture pieces should be clear.